Why We Need To Praise The Good Guys

Why We Need To Praise The Good Guys

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Lately new allegations about sexual misconduct by male celebrities or politicians come out almost every week. I am glad that so many brave women are speaking out – and hope the #metoo and #timesup revolution continues to build steam and creates permanent social change. But I have to admit, it’s really depressing each time I find out that another person I admired or respected has a dark side. That’s why I think it might help to spend some time praising the good guys – while we are taking down the “bad”.

I think it might help to spend some time praising the good guys – while we are taking down the “bad”

  • There are men who always treat women with honor and respect – at work and at home.
  • There are men who not only listen, they really hear you.
  • There are men who always support your (sometimes crazy) dreams.
  • There are men who try to make you laugh, even when you feel like crying.
  • There are men who will wrap their arms around you and whisper comforting words when you are weeping in bed after a devastating miscarriage.
  • There are men who will firmly hold your trembling hand during a medical procedure – even when he’s squeamish.
  • There are men who think you’re most beautiful without any makeup on.
  • There are men who listen to you vent – even when they’d rather watch a show or go to sleep.
  • There are men who come home everyday and say how happy they are to see you.
  • There are men who take on the responsibility of being a role model to your nieces and your sons with honor and pride.
Sometimes we might need to remind ourselves that there are still lots of good men out there. I married one and plan to raise two more. I’m eternally grateful that I didn’t settle – and waited to find my good guy. If you haven’t found yours – keep looking – he (or she) is out there.              (Happy Anniversary D)

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