STUDY: No Link Between IVF and Breast Cancer

STUDY: No Link Between IVF and Breast Cancer

In Vitro Fertilization

While you’re injecting yourself with hormones during In Vitro Fertilization, you might be wondering if the process might have any future adverse health effects. This week, there’s some good medical news to report that might be comforting for those of us who already went through IVF, those who are currently going through it or anyone considering using this treatment to help them get pregnant.

Researchers from the Netherlands Cancer Institute published a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association that took two decades to complete and involved more than 25,000 women. The team concluded that “breast cancer risk in IVF-treated women was not significantly different from that in the general population.” Another interesting discovery was that the risk was lower for women infertility treatment, in vitro fertilizationwho went through 7 or more rounds of IVF cycles, compared to those who had only one or two cycles.

The results of this latest study are quite exciting following many years of debate surrounding a potential link between IVF and breast cancer risk. Previous studies were inconclusive due to limited follow-up. However, some experts will remain cautiously optimistic – since the IVF medications and treatment protocols have changed, and therefore the risks may also have changed, since the women involved in the study went through their IVF treatments – from 1980 to 1995.

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