Study: IVF Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Study: IVF Does Not Increase Cardiovascular Risk

Many women undergo IVF to help with conception, and there has always been a question as to whether the treatment, which hormonally stimulates the ovaries into producing a large amount of eggs within a cycle, can cause an increased risk of heart attacks.

A recent study by Soroka University Medical Center/Ben-Gurion University in Israel concluded that undergoing IVF fertility treatments does not increase a woman’s risk for cardiovascular disease, and does not cause adverse affects to a woman’s heart and blood vessels.

In the study, the researchers followed 100,000 women over the span of 10 years, from 1988 – 2013, and specifically focused on the 4,000 women that had undergone IVF fertility treatments or took drugs that stimulated the ovaries. In doing so, they found that there was no statistical increase in cardiovascular disease between the woman who did IVF treatments, and those who did not.

“Now these women can relax at least and not worry about any cardiovascular implications of their treatment,” said Prof. Eyal Sheiner, head of obstetrics/gynecology B at Soroka, who led the research team.

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