Secondary Infertility

Secondary Infertility: Parenting With Perspective

Secondary Infertility: Parenting With Perspective

As a parent you want to offer your child the best of everything, especially the experience of you as their parent. So when the challenges of secondary infertility mount, managing stress is key in consideration of your child’s needs. Here are some tips that can help:

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Parenting With Perspective Schedule daily activities that promote wellness for both adult and child. This could include daily walks or pulling out the crayons and using an adult and child coloring book. Explore what options are available for you and your child to connect, but also experience relaxation at the same time.

Joanna Flemons, MSW, LCSW, CPC
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Joanna Flemons is the owner of Highlands Ranch Counseling and Coaching and has been in the field since 1998. She is a Licensed Psychotherapist and Social Worker specializing in infertility counseling.

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