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Whitney Cummings On Freezing Eggs

Whitney Cummings On Freezing Eggs

Whitney Cummings is taking her fertility into her own hands, and has decided to freeze her eggs.

Like so many woman who know that they want to have children, but haven’t found Mr. Right just yet, Cummings, 32, decided that she didn’t want to feel any extra pressures while dating.

“I feel like I was dating people just because I was on a deadline,” she told Vanity Fair.

The comedian took to Twitter where she shared her fertility journey and a photo of her stomach injections with her 1.3 million followers:

The process to freeze eggs is similar to the first stages of IVF, where the ovaries are stimulated using various follicle-stimulating hormones, administered by injections in the stomach. Then the eggs produced are removed.

Whereas in IVF, those eggs are fertilized and implanted into a woman’s uterus, when one freezes her eggs, the eggs are kept to be fertilized at a later date. It is often seen, by many woman, as an insurance policy.

Freezing eggs helps a woman preserve her fertility, and often times her ability to have a biological child. Many times women consider egg freezing when there is a need to delay childbearing for medical, career, or other reasons.

Quick stats: Fertility begins to decline after age 35, with roughly one third of women over 35 encountering fertility problems. At age 30 a woman’s has a 20% of conceiving naturally while by age 40 that number drops to roughly 5% each month.

Whitney Cummings joins the ranks of other female celebrities who have decided to freeze their eggs, such as host and TV personality, Maria Menounos.

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