TTC Acronym Dictionary

TTC Acronym Dictionary

When you’re trying to conceive, there’s an acronym for everything! For those who are new to this all, and even for the seasoned pros, a lot of times you can find yourself wondering, “What the heck does that mean?” Well, look no further. Here’s all the TTC acronym help you need:

2WW: Two Week Wait. It’s the time after ovulation and before a BFP (big fat positive) or your AF (Aunt Flo).

AF: Aunt Flo, your period.

BBT: Body Basal Temperatures. This is the term for charting waking temperatures to indicate ovulation, and pregnancy.

BC: Birth Control

BD: Baby Dance. It’s having sex, specifically with the purpose of conceiving.

BF: Boyfriend, or Breastfeed.

BFN: Big Fat Negative on a pregnancy test.

BFP: Big Fat Positive. The pink positive home pregnancy test result!

CD: Cycle Day.

CH: Crosshairs. These are the crossed lines drawn on your fertility chart, based on BBT temperatures, to indicate ovulation.

CM: Cervical mucous, which also known as cervical fluid. Due to an increase of estrogen, cervical mucous is released by your cervix. As you approach ovulation, CM evolves from sticky to creamy to stretchy (like egg yolk) or EWCM.

CP: Cervical Position. As you approach ovulation your cervix drops and opens.

DH, DD, DS, DP: Dear Husband, Dear Daughter, Dear Son, Dear Partner

DPO: Days Past Ovulation

DTD: Doing The Deed. Like BD, it’s having sex, for conception purposes.

EDD: Estimated Due Date

EWCM: Eggwhite Cervical Mucous. See CM.

FSH: Follicle Stimulating Hormone

GnRH: Gonadotropin-Releasing Hormone

HcG: Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. This is the hormone detected by home pregnancy tests.

HPT: Home Pregnancy Test

HSG: Or hysterosalpingogram. This is a fertility test that checks the fallopian tubes and the shape of the uterus.

IC: Incompetent Cervix

IUI: Intra-uterine Insemination

IVF: In-vitro Fertilization

LH: Luteinizing Hormone

LMP: Last Menstrual Period, or the first day of your last period.

LO: Little One

LOL: Laughing Out Loud

LP: Luteal Phase

LPD: Luteal Phase Defect

M/C or MC: Miscarriage

MS: Morning Sickness

O: Ovulation

O’d: Ovulated

OHSS: Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome

OPK: Ovulation Prediction Kit

PG: Pregnant or Pregnancy

POAS: Pee on a Stick

RE: Reproductive Endocrinologist – a fertility specialist

SA: Sperm Analysis

SHOW: Soft, High, Open, Wet (referring to the Cervical Changes that occur right before ovulation)

SD: Sperm donor

SO: Significant other

TCOYF: Taking Charge of your Fertility, a book by Toni Weschler

TTC: Trying to Conceive

Is there a Trying To Conceive Acronym we missed? Leave a comment below!

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